Project Description

Harry & Barbara

Harry and I got married in Palermo (my hometown). We were very worried about the organization because of the distance, because I live in England for several years, but our marriage was exactly as we had always dreamed. If this organization was so simple it was only thanks to Noemi. From our first meeting with her it became clear that the support for its part would have been valuable. Her experience and professionalism were simply excellent and made everything so simple. Its support has embraced the entire preparation of the wedding: the menu suggestions, the photographer,  the DJ and decorations. In addition, for our international and multilingual wedding (living and working in a highly multicultural environment, our guests were from different nations) her linguistic ability was essential: just one example, our menu was translated in 3 different languages ​​(Italian , English and Spanish). Thanks Naomi, without you nothing would be the same! Barbara & Harry.