I’ve loved Vanessa from the first message. Dynamic, enthusiastic, romantic, determinate and cute. A great  mix!

The engagement shooting was the perfect preview of their marriage: color, intensity and so much love.

Vanessa and Gianluca, Rome-based professional tattoo artists, wanted a marriage according to them, to their life, their passion. That’s why they decided to have a Tattoo & Vintage Wedding in Palermo, Sicily, Vanessa’s birthplace. The color palette was clear from the beginning: white, blush pink, bordeaux and a golden touch.

Vanessa’s blush pink tulle dress emphasised her amazing and colorful tattoos,  as well as her intense makeup and the great blue of her hair.

These beautiful bistro lights, a versatile way to add a bit of glow to our wedding, were perfect during the dinner and also for the Cigars & Polaroid Wedding Book Corner, set on a vintage wooden table, with an old suitcase.

Also the graphics of the event have been carefully designed, respecting the colors and the theme of the wedding.

A romantic and funny wedding full of special moments. A great party with friends and relatives. These are the pictures of their dream wedding, that we can share with you thanks to the fantastic pictures of Claudia Chiaramonte, a young Palermitan photographer with a creative and very distinctive style that I personally love.

Thank you Vanessa and Gianluca for allowing me to be part of your “Yes-I-Do-In-Sicily Day”! I wish you a colorful and intense future as you desire!


Wedding Planner & Designer: Yes I Do in Sicily, Noemi Catalan.
Photo: Claudia Chiaramonte, La Bottega dei Ricordi