Planning your wedding and thinking about where to celebrate it? Not sure about getting married “at home” or abroad? Well, as Destination Wedding Planner let me give you 5 reasons to choose the second option!

1.They can be Stress-Free

If you hire a Destination Wedding Planner & Designer your Destination Wedding will be simpler and faster to plan than a traditional wedding and reception in your country.  She will choose the best suppliers and control your budget. She will do all site inspections and will inform you about all details while you are at home, at work or in the gym. Not bad, right?

2.Destination weddings are on vacation time.

You should arrive a couple of days early to control everything with your Destination Wedding Planner & Designer, so by the time your wedding begins, you’ve had 2 or 3 days of fun with family and friends. Isn’t this great?!

3.Less stress with your families!

Probably both of you want to make your families happy and involve them in your wedding, but sometimes each set of parents had their own ideas and it can be difficult to manage… If you choose to get married abroad it will be easier to do it!

4.They’re cost effective

The average number of guests at a traditional wedding is 130/170. The average number of guests at a destination wedding is about 50/80. Indeed, if you stay in town you will probably invite certain people out of obligation. So outsourcing your event abroad will give you an automatic excuse to cut your guests list and the final invoice.

5.Make them feel special!

Everybody knows how intimate a Destination Wedding is. Choosing this option your guests will know how important and special they are to you. They will never forget your wedding!

What do you think about it? Any ideas for your Destination Wedding? In a future article I will give you some suggestions to choose the perfect destination for you! 😉