Hi there! How are you today?! As every Friday here I am with a new and absolute useful article! Today I’ve decided to write about something I love so much… The beauty treatments!  All of us want to look beautiful every day, so for a bride this is a MUST. Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day. Some of you will  increase your gym hours, others will start a diet, but I’m sure all of you will go to the beauty center to ask: “I’m getting married… What do I need to do?!”

So let me help you and read the next 5 beauty tips I’ve selected for you, together with Serena Sgrò, Manager at Da Lunedì, weight-loss and beauty center in Palermo,  to ensure you achieve a radiant look for your Wedding Day!

1.Facials: If you are on time, start with facials 5 to 12 months before your wedding date and take the last one 2 weeks before the big day. As Serena Sgrò says: “Facials are beneficial because they cleanse the skin so deeply, boost circulation, are hydrating and help to bring skin to its natural balance. There are lots of options, depending always on your skin-type.”.

2. Skincare: Every morning and every evening: cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin. Yes, twice a day! Be sure all make-up is completely removed from your skin at night.  And please… if you are not happy with your skin regime right now and want to try some other options, do it a 4 or 5 months before your wedding day!

3. Exfoliation: Exfoliating encourages new cell regeneration and that’s something we love! So you must do it regularly but just twice per week. You can do it on your face and on your body. Face and body scrubs, particularly those containing fruit extracts or mineral microbeads, will give your skin a boost very quickly.

4. Manicure and pedicure: Hands are also very important! They are a focal point of the big day, so take care of them. If you book your first appointment a couple of weeks before you can get some special treatment for hands and feet (depending on your needs). Anyway, the manicure and pedicure treatment should be done the day before the wedding day.

5. Massage: And the last but not least… Massage is perfect for your body and also for your mind, your soul.. for everything! It helps to calm you and it eases stress, and that’s something you will absolutely need before your wedding day. As Serena says: “Massage boosts circulation, which helps nourish the skin and gives you a healthy bridal glow. Massage treatments are great if you do them 1 or 2 months before, twice a month.”.

This is just a little article with a couple of tips, but of course there are so many things you can do to look gorgeous! And even if you have your beauty center, ask your Wedding Planner… For your Big Day you may need something really special and we have the best wedding providers! 😉