Hi there! Today I want to speak about one of the colors of 2017 … The Greenery, or Pantone 15-0343.
As you can see it’s a very vibrant green, it makes me think of spring, of summer, sun and of course of nature! I don’t know if you are “green” lovers.. I do! In fact I’ve suggested in many marriages in recent years. But if you are not so happy about it, no panic, because you don’t must to choose it if you don’t want to! I’ll speak about another colors in my monthly Newsletter (by the way, you can sign in down under this page if you want!).

I show you some pictures and I suggest you start giving your “special touch” to your event right from the begining! So if you have chosen Greenery as your theme, let’s start with the invitations!

partecipazioni e cactus

For the table you can use some ribbons on the napkins or the flower arrangements to get the Greenery atmosphere.

And do not forget the Sweet Table or the Wedding Cake! You can use Greenery also there! These little cakes by Le Torte di Cicci are so cute, aren’t they?

greenery pics

However, you can combine Greenery with other colors that maybe you like the most … white, rose quartz, blue serenity or if you really love green, with a more intense green (the treetop). There are so many other options. In the pictures I’ve choose today I’ve combined it with white, because to me it gives so much brightness, oxigen and vitality to your event. It’s young and elegant at the same time. I really love it!

What about you? Are you going to choose it or do you prefer other colors?