As the first article of the blog I think it may be a good idea to answer the question you are asking yourself right now… “Why should I hire a Wedding Planner? My mother arranged everything by herself. Even my friends did it… Why should I not be able to by myself?” Well, in fact you can. But with a Wedding Planner by your side you will enjoy the preparations, you will have an active part as much as you want and you will enjoy the day of the wedding replacing the word “stressed” by the word “relaxed”.

Not all Wedding Planner offer the same services. Some of them will help you choose the church or the venue, some others will suggest some other suppliers (photographers, florist, etc..). They may also print the invitations or will take care of the wedding favors… They can also coordinate the event during the Wedding Day. And some of them will take care of the event’s design. They are the Wedding Designer. If you’re hoping to find inventive ways to infuse your personality into your big day, that’s what you need!


In my case, Yes I Do In Sicily offers you all these services. So here are the top 5 reasons for you to decide to say YES to Yes I Do In Sicily!

1 – The time… or the absence of time!
You both work and you don’t want wedding planning to take over your life. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, even more if you do everything yourself. No-one wants to be sat at their laptop at 2 in the morning searching 100 local photographers, 300 venues and 200 florists… With Yes I Do in Sicily you have the lucky chance to experience this great and wonderful time in your life, make it fun, happy and stress free!

time stress

2 – You have no trusted suppliers.
Well, that’s absolutely normal.. you don’t have to deal with locations, photographers, flower artist, etc, every day. A Wedding Planner does. I already know the best suppliers for your budget. Yes I Do in Sicily can suggest you the best options and check your chosen suppliers that you have in mind or booked already. I only deal with the most trusted and professional companies as I have to look after my own reputation too. I’ve organisedmore than hundred weddings, and with practice comes perfection. I know the right people to talk to, how to get the best prices, what should (and shouldn’t) be in a contract, and how to ensure that every single detail is prepared for your big day.

3- You’re planning a wedding somewhere other than where you live.
Planning a destination wedding has it’s pros, but it’s hard to organize suppliers that you’ve never met or imagine a space you’ve never seen in person. A wedding planner with experience in organizing abroad weddings has a trick or two up their sleeve for getting the job done the way you want. And Yes I Do in Sicily is a Destination Wedding Planner Agency!

4- You want a very special wedding!
No matter whether you know exactly what you want, have a vague idea, or no idea at all, a wedding planner can help you define the look, style, mood and emotions you want to create. We know the latest trends and are inspired daily by other brides, suppliers and the industry. I can visualize what will work in your venue and know how to bring your desired mood to life.

5 – And what about the Wedding Day? Do you want to enjoy it or do you prefer to get crazy coordinating everything?
Let’s enjoy it! Your Wedding Day should be enjoyable, not stressful. Using a wedding planner means you’re in control. It’s definitely your day, your way, but you have a specialist working on your behalf to do the legwork, reduce your stress and ensure every detail is your kind of perfect. I’m here for that!

nozze francesco e claudia

So, what do you think about it? Don’t you believe that in this way the organization of the wedding and the Wedding Day will be even more beautiful?!  I really hope I’ve convinced you and I will have the pleasure to help you make your W Day a great and unforgettable day!

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